Kill Idle Time

Kill Idle Time

A friend starting his new job got a laptop and two monitors for home office. They were not new. The laptop was old, worn, and the worst: it was slow. In 2021 working with no SSD is like hiking with a child. Sometimes you have to wait for no-matter-what and make a break until you can continue. The company saves a couple of hundred dollars up-front but a lot for their employees waiting instead of working.

My mum got a new Mac and can now boot it when she needs it. On old Mac, booting took 10 minutes, opening a program ~1min. When a program opens in ~1s it does not just feel snappier. It saves 30 minutes of your time each month for every program you open every day. That’s 6 hours of time you have more in a year that previously got spent waiting in front of a loading indicator. Sounds great, but the switch to a new computer should already have been obvious years ago. My mum, at least, spent a couple of days in total sitting in front of this rotating circle in the last years. Her time would have

That might be partly due to things still working. You are getting used to waiting and accept it. And then you wonder where all the time went.

Don‘t complain that your day has not enough hours. Optimize for no idle time. Actively observe what makes you wait. Replace it.

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