There is no Scoreboard of Life

We love to compare ourselves to others. We always think about what is better or worse, or in a fight who would win. And most of us try to actively compete for a higher ranking. The NY Times lists the most influential people every year and Forbes the most wealthy. However, the people listed there probably don’t care. To get onto one of these lists was probably never on their mind. And if it was, they would still be unhappy if they are not ranked as #1 or anxious to lose their ranking if they are on the top. It is just not healthy to live in a state of constant comparison. Especially as comparing the people itself is more or less impossible. What ranking makes sense? Money certainly does not. If you would get 100 B$ right now you might be the richest person but it adds nothing of substance. And power and influence are relative and not to compare. So I would suggest to stop looking at these values that have no real meaning. The only thing that comes to my mind that makes sense is happiness. And to happiness, there is no real score to it. You either are happy or you are not. And you always know deep down.

So instead of working towards being rich, having a nice house and a fast car, more power or influence over other people start to work toward being happy. And a good start is to stop hunting objects or power and begin to do fun stuff. So allow yourself to have fun as well!

Do what is fun even if you can’t put it on your resume. And if you can combine both (fun work) there is even a chance you will end up on one of these lists. Or you end up as a cameraman specialized to film wildlife from trees or a similar unthinkable job description.

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