The Richest Man In Babylon

by Walter Isaacson

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  • save as much money as you can (10%+ of income)
  • Invest it in save investments that are proven by experts
  • Let money work for you, invest all the time


  1. Live upon less than you can earn
  2. Seek advice who are competent by their experience
  3. Let money work for you
  4. Better a little caution that a big regret

Action will lead you forward.

The five laws of gold:

  1. Gold will come by to each who saves 10% of his earning
  2. Gold multiplies itself when invested properly
  3. Trust on people with expierence in what to invest
  4. Gold will run away if invested in stuff you dont know anything about and experts of the field do not approve
  5. Dont follow advice of tricksters and scamers, or trusts its own inexperience

Insist on repaing promptly

  • only borrow on purposes to make more money

“Where the determination is, the way can be found.”

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