The Five Most Important Questions

by Peter Drucker

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Valuable advice on how to focus your organization to reach success.

1. What Is Your Mission?

“The effective mission statement is short and sharply focused. It should fit on a T-shirt. The mission says why you do what you do, not the means by which you do it.”

2. Who Is Your Customer?

Without knowing who your customer is you can’t tell what value your product has and what to do to satisfy a need.

3. What Does Your Customer Value?

“The question ‘What do customers value?’ — what satisfies their needs, wants, and aspiration — is so complicated that it can only be answered by customers themselves.”

4. What Are Your Results?

Pick the ‘thing’ to measure, that reflects that you provide value and fulfill needs. What does the results tell you?

5. What Is Your Plan?

Planning the future direction is important. But keep things experimental. Change your plan according to the feedback that you get from your results.

A complete plan includes mission, vision, goals, objectives, action steps and a budget.

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