Whats Up Wednesday #5 - Blog, Lobbying and How Brains turn into Glass

What’s Up Wednesday #5 - Blog, Lobbying and How Brains turn into Glass


What’s Up Wednesday turns one month! To celebrate this, I launched my blog where you can find book summaries and more!

Climate Change

🏝 If we don’t act, now might be the height of humanity. I wrote a blog post about why we all need to take action and added 42 tips on how to improve your CO2 footprint.

Lobbying in the US

💸 32B USD is spent on lobbying each year in the US. And the companies putting the most money there are mostly defense and military. Imagine if we would use this money for something useful instead.


🌌 The Event Horizon Telescope network created a time-lapse of a black hole at the center of the galaxy M87. „The short sequence of frames shows how the appearance of the black hole’s surroundings changes over the years as its gravity stirs the material around it into a constant maelstrom.“ Nature

🧠 During the Vesuvius Eruption, which destroyed Pompei, people’s brains got vitrified. That is the brain matter turned into a glass-like material because of the extreme heat. Paper


💻 Github announced Codespaces a complete cloud development environment you can access anywhere powered by Visual Studio Code. Let’s see if that makes online cooperation when coding even easier.


🤯 “You’ll never do anything great unless you’re willing to look like an idiot in the short term.”


😕 “All that happens to us, including our humiliations, our misfortunes, our embarrassments, all is given to us as raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art.” Jorge Luis Borges

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