What's Up Wednesday #34 - Always invert, brainpower and dexterity, travel to Mars & the Great Oxidation Event

What’s Up Wednesday #34 - Always invert, brainpower and dexterity, travel to Mars & the Great Oxidation Event

Happy Wednesday everyone!

‼️ If you’re trying to gain a rapid understanding of a new area, one of the most important things you can do is to identify common mistakes people make and avoid them. - fs blog

🔄 Invert, always invert.

The German mathematician Carl Jacobi solved a problem backward rather than forwards. So rather than asking, “What’s the best way to spend next weekend?”, we should ask ourselves “What’s the best way to waste our time next weekend?”

It’s a bit weird, but it helps to get unstuck and moves one away from things that certainly are no solution.

🧠 Mental horsepower doesn’t guarantee mental dexterity. No matter how much brainpower you have, if you lack the motivation to change your mind, you’ll miss many occasions to think again. Research reveals that the higher you score on an IQ test, the more likely you are to fall for ste­reotypes because you’re faster at recognizing patterns. And recent experiments suggest that the smarter you are, the more you might struggle to update your beliefs. The curse of knowledge is that it closes your mind to what you don’t know. Good judgment depends on having the skill— and the will— to open your mind. A hallmark of wisdom is knowing when it’s time to abandon some of the most cherished parts of your identity.” — Adam Grant in Think Again

🔭 Ever wondered to explore our universe? Travel to Mars and nearby galaxies? With this website you now can. I had a blast.

🤯 2.4 billion years ago O2 started to accumulate in Earth’s atmosphere and changed it from a weakly reducing atmosphere to an oxidizing atmosphere, causing many existing species on Earth to die out. There was 10-20 times the oxygen in the atmosphere. No wonder everything corroded. You can still see the effects in some places. The next time you see a red rock layer (also called banded iron) you know how this comes to be… Wikipedia

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