Whats Up Wednesday #3 - Work, Life and Flies

What’s Up Wednesday #3 - Work, Life and Flies

Flies and Forests

🦟 Flies seem to fly around in an uncontrolled manner. But, evolution tricked you. Their flight path is a pattern that “closely resembles a mathematical algorithm known as “Levy’s Distribution” in which the insect flies a straight path, makes an abrupt 90 degree turn, and then repeats. This method of movement optimizes their mission to pinpoint the source of the odor.” As with odor the fly does only know its distance but not the direction to the target. reddit thread

🌳Listen to sounds of forests around the world. I really like the ones in Australia, full of sounds from frogs and insects.


👺An interesting theory of another upside of wearing masks in times of corona is that it might give us immunity. Face and nose covering masks should reduce the amount of virus we expose ourselves to incase of contact to the disease. “People who wear masks are still exposed to very small doses of the virus. These doses may not be large enough to cause symptoms but they could still be large enough to induce an immune response. So by wearing a mask and getting very small viral doses, you may actually build up immunity to Covid 19.” world. reddit thread

About Life and Work

🗞 “You’ll need to figure out where to put the fear when you do work that matters.” seths.blog

😫 A photographer who takes pictures of working class Americans wrote about the “uninteresting” jobs in our society. For e.g. Mac Donalds employees “work is something to endure, rather than celebrate, and if there is dignity in it, it is from a required resiliency.” Others often romanticize manual labour and misunderstand this world. He ends the article with a quite strong statement. People “believe with enough changes all work can be made uplifting, when the reality is a lot of work just sucks, and is drudgery, no matter how it is structured. They do this because the alternative is too uncomfortable: That their comfort and lifestyle requires the labor of people who are not enjoying the laboring. At all.” So I guess, next time be an extra nice to people working these kind of jobs. Dignity to Endure

🚀 “Most maddening or exciting for Musk’s employees, depending on which one you ask, is the time scale on which he often expects work to be done. For example, one Friday when I was visiting, a few SpaceX staff members were frantically rushing back and forth from the office to the parking lot across the street. It turns out that during a meeting, he asked them how long it would take to remove staff cars from the lot and start digging the first hole for the Boring Company tunnel. The answer: two weeks. Musk asked why, and when he gathered the necessary information, he concluded, “Let’s get started today and see what’s the biggest hole we can dig between now and Sunday afternoon, running 24 hours a day.” Within three hours, the cars were gone and there was a hole in the ground.” — Elon Musk: The Architect of Tomorrow


👨‍💻 Everyone who, from time to time edits files in GitHub should check out prose.io. It’s really great integrated with Jekyll sites and markdown content. In the next few weeks I will launch my blog, so stay exited!

💸 Getting free hosting for personal projects was a real pain for me from time to time. Now I found a couple solutions that work great:

  • Firebase comes with a real time database and many features you will never need. It is developed by google and lets you deploy web and mobile apps fast. I already launched a couple of projects there e.g. plsreturn.me.
  • Github Pages Hosting static pages is easy and blazingly fast.
  • netlify Deploy your projects automatically from git.

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