Whats Up Wednesday #24 - Nuclear Energy, Marketing, On Building New Things

What’s Up Wednesday #24 - Nuclear Energy, Marketing, On Building New Things

Happy Wednesday!

Is nuclear really bad?

☢️ In the current switch to renewable energy, the main problem is how to cover the base-load (everything that runs 24/7) when it is not sunny (no solar) and not windy (no wind energy). This is a big problem for countries not suitable for hydroelectricity (big dams require big rivers and mountains) because storing electric energy is quite hard. Germany and Japan have decided to ban atomic energy and use coal as long as the transition to fully renewable takes. This is extremely stupid and will cause many deaths from air-pollution induced illnesses. This Kurzgesagt video compares the death toll of nuclear energy per energy produced with coal energy.

Using 1 TWh (=10^12 Wh, approximate energy consumption for a population of 12.500 US or 27.000 EU citizens) for 50 years the following death toll emerges for the different energy sources.

death toll chart

I guess you don’t need convincing that we should stop coal asap and rather keep nuclear energy. But if you don’t trust me, please [watch the video]((https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzfpyo-q-RM)!


🧑‍💻 I found marketingexamples.com a great resource to learn about marketing and copywriting. Learn how to build landing pages that convert and how to improve your text on your websites.

On building new things

Don’t get caught up in the typical advice of how you should start and run a business. Figure out what works for you and your product, take inspiration from others where it applies, but don’t live by some arbitrary rule that happened to work for someone else.

If you want above-average results, you have to say no to average opportunities. If you spend all of your time chasing average opportunities, you’ll have no time for great ones. This applies to people, books, problems, etc. Raise the bar.

  • Shane Parrish

And always, there’s a chance to make things better.

“The most important things can’t be taught, they must be learned. Just because you can’t be taught what you need doesn’t mean you can absolve yourself from learning. You can learn the principles but you can’t learn patience. You can copy the answer but not the understanding and confidence. These you need to learn on your own.” — The Principles of Good Management

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