Whats Up Wednesday #20 - How to memorizes everything you want, A story about corruption

What’s Up Wednesday #20 - How to memorizes everything you want, A story about corruption

Great Wednesday everyone!

How to memorizes everything you want

🧠 My girlfriend started to read the memory book and is completely amazed by the techniques of learning and memorizing. In a couple of days, she remembered all US states. This was crazy. I never thought anyone „normal“ could remember this that early. She literally only spent a couple of hours on this. And she still knows them a week later. As knowing stuff is (especially in school) a very important part of our lives, I am stunned why this is not taught in schools. So, she was kind enough to give us all a summary of the most important points in the book.

  1. You can memorize anything better if you create an image in your head. An emotionally packed image that will remind you of the actual word you want to remember.
  2. Sequential things (e.g. topics you want to cover in a speech, any list of items, …) can be tied together by linking the images with a storyline (= linked list). You can also link multiple images together to create a tree-like structure of knowledge.

Though with this technique you need to put in a lot of energy to create the images and link them if needed, you can remember them for a very long period without many rehearsals. Also, I feel that being creative and creating this visual storyline is way more fun than learning things by heart just by reading them over and over. The best advantage is while the process of storing things in your brain requires a lot of work, recall of it is really easy and fast. So let me give you an example of this process. Let’s say we want to remember the first couple of US states in alphabetical order.

Alabama - Desert setting. A Muslim lama who prays to Allah. -> Allah Lama Alaska - The lama moves his head up and starts talking with „Al Aska“, a sheik Arizona - The lama tells „Al Aska“ about a zone with Arri Cameras (the Ari-Zone), (Arri is a company building high-end filming cameras) Arkansas - With the Arri camera a commercial is shot for a „can of source“ under a big arc. „Arc Can Sauce“

Okay, you get the idea. Building such a visual story is not easy and takes some time, and the crazier and funnier the story is, the easier you can remember it. You can use this for learning words of another language, remembering the hobbies and relative names of your friends, and mostly anything that you can relate to when recalling a visual story and image.

A story about corruption

🏠 Living in a country with working police and low corruption is so worth so much. While spending a month in Greece last year, our neighbor told us a story about a friend who bought the house next door in the 80’. It was a small one-story studio at the seafront. He returned the year after and could not trust his eyes. The guy who sold him the house just built another story on top and told him „I did sell you the studio, but I did not sell you the sky“! As a non-greek, you don’t have high chances to win in court, especially as this was on a small island. So the only option to keep his property to himself was to buy the second story as well. There is so much value to a law that is enforced by unbiased authorities. And I hope we people can stop the rising corruption levels all around the world. Please appreciate what a great system that is.

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