Whats Up Wednesday #2 - Trash, Climate Change and Earthquakes

What’s Up Wednesday #2 - Trash, Climate Change and Earthquakes

This week I read a lot about plastic waste and how companies try to greenwash their products. In short: It is depressing how profit and greed drives (rational) humans to decide for short term success and long term disaster.



☀️Strong solar activity results in more sun particles (photons, electrons, neutrons…) hitting earth. A recent study) shows that this correlates with earthquakes! It is probably caused by the reverse piezoelectric effect (electricity turns into kinetic energy/movement). This shows once more how much more there is to explore in how our world works!


🌿The earth and nature are our collective responsibility. We all have the responsibility to keep it healthy, which will be a great margin influence the health of humanity. We as the people of the earth are great at ignoring that, throwing trash on the streets, and leaving the packaging of their meal in the mountains. A collective change in thought is needed here or we will literally die in plastic).

☄️Cigarettes (4.5 trillion are littered annually) pollute drinking water and engdanger marine life]. Microplastics can inhibit plant growth) and is already deposited in the food chain and is probably toxic. As our world leaders are failing to protect the earth and ourselves from our environmental mistakes, we all need to be more aware.

🚶‍♂️When hiking I always pick up most trash that I find. To hop on the train of public shaming, maybe we should try to kill people verbally if we see them littering? Probably a complete life change would be needed to 1) stop the advancement of climate change and 2) to avoid the unrepairable consequences personally (e.g. quicksilver content in tuna).

📉A recent report states that animal communities shrunk on average 68% between 1970 and 2016. “If nothing changes, populations will undoubtedly continue to fall, driving wildlife to extinction and threatening the integrity of the ecosystems on which we depend,” he added. BBC.

🦞A Redditor created a website to visualize how many individuals of an animal species are left.

🙈Trump thinks he is a great Environmentalist after he wanted to allow Offshore Drilling in Florida… NY times.

The world with Covid-19

🚑Different Corona regulations and how countries keep up with tracking cases show once more the different possible outcomes we need to endure during the pandemic. An article in the NYtimes states that restaurants in Germany and the US had in March/April a similar miss of revenue. However, now in September restaurants in Germany experience a normal amount of visitors (even 5% higher than last year), BUT in the US it is still bad.

🏝Something to keep in mind in such a state of the world. Normalcy Bias: Underestimating the odds of disaster because it’s comforting to assume things will keep functioning the way they’ve always functioned. Taken from Collaborative Fund.

On what to do after graduation

“Doing jobs to build up your resume is the same as saving up sex for old age.”

🗺I recently started using Miro, a digital whiteboard tool for planning and creating visual notes. Having a white space where you can jot down your ideas, connect, and cluster them is great. If you need some more structure for ideas you should check it out. Also, I do recommend getting a real whiteboard. You get reminded of your plans and ideas all the time you look at it.

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