Whats Up Wednesday #17 - New Year’s Edition, Dancing Robots, Top Three for 2021

What’s Up Wednesday #17 - New Year’s Edition, Dancing Robots, Top Three for 2021

Happy New Year everyone!

🤖 The flawlessly dancing robots from Boston Dynamics are stunning. Let’s see how long it will take that robots are used in mainstream entertainment. Disney already used robots as stunt doubles for crazy maneuvers in the air.

🃏This speech compares a life after material things with the game of monopoly. And shows how irrational it is to act and think only on a material level. There’s more to life than money and possessions. And these things are more meaningful and fun (e.g. friends&family, hobbies, learning, exploring&creating things…). Just doing something for the money might never be a good decision.

👾 For some more fun watch this mesmerizing zoom quilt.

💰“Carl Richards once made the point that a house might be the best investment most people ever make. It’s not that housing provides great returns – it does not. It’s not even the leverage. It’s that people are more likely to buy a house and sit on it without interruption for years or decades than any other asset. It’s the one asset people give compounding a fighting chance to work.“ This is quite an insight. People are too emotional and scared and often sell their stocks too early. Unless you are trading stocks as a job, I think buying and holding for 10+ years is the best strategy with the least hassle. Just don’t sell it.

Top Three for 2021

This recent interview with Jim Collins had something you might want to do in the new year! He likes to set his top three goals for one year. He argues that if you have more than three big goals you are spread too thin and don’t know what to focus on. I think limiting your new-years resolutions or big goals is a very important point, also applicable for side projects or hobbies. If you aim for too much you might get nothing properly done. So here are my Top Threes for 2021. I encourage you to also write them down.

Top three to get done:

  • Write one post/week for my blog moritzwolf.com. Writing helps me to think better.
  • Get 1000 real customers for my sideproject plsreturn.me
  • Push passive income >2000€ month

Supporting actions for the top three:

  • Invest in real-estate (especially with the really low interest rates of <0.5%)
  • Learn Marketing and how to direct people to my projects (already bought the Guerrilla Marketing Book)
  • Work through photo backlog and sell more images via stock agencies

Top three to stop doing

  • Swiping mindlessly on my phone when I don’t know what else to do
  • Whining and complaining (not that I complain a lot, but I think complaining is negative anyways)
  • Still thinking about the third one…

Top three fun:

If you know you only had 10 years left what would you be doing?

Hire people do stuff I don’t like to do (like cleaning). Traveling and working remotely. Building fun things like recipes.generated.online or plsreturn.me. Hiking and Skiing with friends. Spending time on experiences. Taking all the time I need for things I want to do. No excuses, no stressing.

If you know you only had 10 years left what would you stop doing

Buying low-quality things. Sleeping too long. Stressing about things.

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