Whats Up Wednesday #12 - What would you do if you know you would fail?

What’s Up Wednesday #12 - What would you do if you know you would fail?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

🚀 Did the question „What would you do if you would know you could not fail?“ ever help you in moving forward? I mean, I would come up with so many answers I have no idea how to separate them in importance. I liked the reframing of „What would you do if you know you would fail.“ Now the answers are way more focused. If you want to do something even though you think it will not work, it has to be VERY important to you. Further, often no one else is doing this because everyone thinks it will fail. So maybe doing something everything thinks will not work is more likely to succeed than something that everyone thinks is possible.

🙃 „It’s not about power. It’s about happiness.“ I think the focus on work is overrated. I am just reading a lot of Schopenhauer and the core message is something along the following lines. Your health is by far the most important. Focus your energy on yourself and all internal things that make you calm and happy. Don’t seek material items as they are a negative loop. Having more leads you to have even more. Escaping this trap of materiality is extremely hard, so be careful.

🎶 Life is 10 % what happens to you the other 90 % is attitude. I encountered this in the rap song „Seven Chakras“.

🛰 A cool fact from NASA: For the past 20 years there was always somebody in space. If you are born past 2000, you have never been on earth with all humans. Let that think in.

👾 If you are a programmer you will love the talk „The Art of Code“ by Dylan Beattie. He is exploring cool things like The Game of Life IN the Game of Life. Also, Dylan created the language „Rockstar“ so everyone can be a „rockstar developer“. The first three lines of „Hello World“ in rockstar looks are:

„Midnight takes your heart and your soul While your heart is as high as your soul Put your heart without your soul into your heart“

Isn’t this awesome?! He even performs „Hello World“ on stage with a guitar, so definitely watch the talk till the end. I would love this „unbounded curiosity“ to be more common. Just doing things because they are nice or awesome, not because they are useful.

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