Whats Up Wednesday #11 - The downside of privacy, Explore our galaxy and how to download the Internet

What’s Up Wednesday #11 - The downside of privacy, Explore our galaxy and how to download the Internet

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This week I published some book summaries from The Alchemist, Mastery and Billion Dollar Lessons.

😂 Some dude redirected loser.com to Trumps wikipedia page.

✨Check out this awesome website where you can explore our galaxy in your browser.

🏰This article arguments that too much privacy has a big downside. The big companies harvest your data not only to take a direct profit by showing you targeted ads, but also using it indirectly. Your data and all the information how you use their product is analyzed and used to improve their product. This is a direct advantage, that you don’t get when all data is encrypted or you are not tracked. Especially as it is often unclear what increases efficiency in a company, this data is really important. In short, companies encrypting data are always lacking behind companies who are less privacy-focused.

This argumentation makes sense, still I think it is a bit wrong. Tracking data to improve your products can also be done in such a way that no identifying parameters are tracked. I am not sure if tracking your mouse position is in anyway disrupting your privacy. However, e.g. having people listen to what you said to your voice assistant is be a bit critical. And surely, this info is used to make the product better. Or to spy on you. I think that regulations in this regard would allow companies to stay in the morally right ground without fearing the competition.

There is one more argument for privacy though. Storing user data at all allows the exploit of it if a bad actor gets access. That argument is not as strong, though. We just can’t eliminate all risks in life.

🏛️ I found a really interesting github project. An application that caches everything you browse in the internet, and acts as a library server with full text search. Sounds fun and might be really helpful if you are living in an area without proper internet.

📚 If you find you’re not as productive as you want to be, it’s not time you’re lacking, but focus. If you find you’re breathing but not living, it’s not time you need, but love.o

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