Whats Up Wednesday #10 - Hope in humanity, How to track your Co2 emissions & Cross financing genius Elon Musk

What’s Up Wednesday #10 - Hope in humanity, How to track your Co2 emissions & Cross financing genius Elon Musk

👿 My hope in humanity got a bit restored with Joe Biden winning the American Elections. Unbelievable that Trump is just not able to accept his defeat. I know that freedom of speech doesn’t protect speech you like, but it protects speech you don’t like. However, I think with such blatant lying from politicians (often from the far right) we will get some problems. An article of the NY times states that Trump’s dismissive attitude toward democratic principles could legitimize authoritarians.“ Trump inspired many dictators, many leaders who are interested in a dictatorship, to copy his style, and he emboldened them.” I hope Biden can reverse this dangerous trend again.

🌿 Tracking your CO2 footprint is hard. But it would be important for everyone to know in which areas of your lifestyle you can cut the most CO2. That’s why my brother and a friend coded MyClimatePal for a hackathon. So far it’s just iOS. I recommend checking it out and tracking your CO2 for a week or so at least to get a better understanding. While building the app, we read a lot of studies and the one thing to change to emit less CO2 is switching to a plant-based diet. You don’t need to stop eating meat, just eat less of it. BIO products might sometimes have a higher CO2 output than normal ones. And locally produced stuff does indeed produce less CO2 but not that much that it is very relevant.

✨It looks like the medieval glasses do not flow, at least not much. It flows just ~1 nm over one billion years. The American ceramic society debunked the myth.

🚘 First Elon sold “The Boring Company” hats for 1M$ then “Not A Flamethrower” (something looking like a flamethrower that is none, Joe Rogan Interview with Elon must about it on youtube for 10M$ and is now starting to sell Teslaquila. As part of the joke, Musk wrote that he was found “passed out against a Tesla Model 3, surrounded by ‘Teslaquila” bottles, the tracks of dried tears still visible on his cheeks. This masterfully executed cross-financing is something I find extremely interesting. If you can’t sell enough cars, sell tequila?!

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