Whats Up Wednesday #1 - Sport, Mac Tipps, Blogging & Planning your life

What’s Up Wednesday #1 - Sport, Mac Tipps, Blogging & Planning your life

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Planning your life?

📜 “It doesn’t matter how good your plan is. It doesn’t matter how exciting your goals are. It doesn’t matter what a good thinker you are… If you are not responsible and honest, forget it.” The 10 Secrets of Success by Bob Bowman (2008) is an article worth reading. Bob coached Michael Phelps and the advice in his speech is great. “Focus your time and money. Don’t let other people or things distract you. If you know where you want to go, then put your resources there.”

As I graduated recently I started planning. I now have too many plans and need to select one to commit to and start doing. In the next weeks, I will share some of my progress and plans.


🏋️‍♂️ If you are into body-weight exercises, or just look for a workout program you can do at home check out Caliverse. It is a free, community-driven calisthenics app. I an on the “Hard - Gain Strength” plan and it definitely challenges me again! Before I was stuck in doing what I knew…

Mac Tipps

💻 Some cool Mac OS Tipps. I especially like dash which provides offline documentation for various programming languages. Some tools I would add to that list:

Tripmode - only allow some apps access to the internet Copied - keep your clipboard history

On blogging

📝 With jekyll starting a blog is easy, extremely customizable, and free. I host the blog on netlify which is free. Writing should focus your mind, so that’s what I am trying now! I write this email list with buttondown.email which seems to be way cleaner and better to work with than mailchimp.

Some cool themes you could use:

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