by Robert Greene

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Find a niche that is not crowded

  • Choose your field of interest. Ho into a side/narrow field you like -> unoccupied narrow niche = your unique field
  • First master one field of interest. Then a second one, combine them to make novel connections and create a new field
  • Then widen your search and expand in other fields.

Ground yourself to reality and be aware of your inadequacies

  • Essential to begin with ONE skill that you can master. Avoid at all cost the thinking that you can handle multiple skills at one time.
  • Accept boredom/hardness at the beginning of learning. Pain is a challenge.

Be present

  • Two hours of intense concentration » eight hours of diffused attention

Observe yourself

  • Learn where you want to improve.
  • Vary what you do to make it more interesting and find the best ways to learn (if you expect different results from doing the same things you are insane).
  • Make sure to practice hard and keep being challenged.

Ideal Apprenticeship

  • Value Learning over Money and everything else. Opt for opportunities that can teach you the most.
  • Train yourself to get by with little money and make the most of your energy.

Feel inferior

  • Accept that you don’t know everything and can learn from anyone.
  • Be present and be in a state of wonder and absorption of information.

We tend to avoid our weaknesses

  • Dispersed attention to that
  • Conventional practice (you follow what you do)

Practice Resistance

  • resist the temptation to be nice to yourself
  • Recognize your weaknesses
  • Focus
  • Resist on easing up
  • Double the intensity
  • Be creative for exercises that work for your weaknesses
  • Give yourself deadlines
  • Set your State of excellence to be higher
  • Treat Mistakes and failures as opportunities to learn
  • Choose tasks that are ambitious so you have to rise to the challenge


  • Capable of negating your ego
  • Experience what you are seeing without needing to judge
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